Awesome Penny Stocks


awesome penny stocks
Unlike finding gold on a pirate ship – Penny stocks can be an amazing investment when you do it right, but there are also risks involved in selecting penny stocks. For those not in the know, penny stocks are typically stocks of companies with share prices below $5, and with market caps below $200 million, hence their name as penny stocks, or for some, the “slot machines” of the market due to their high chances and risks, and volatility.

There are good deals to selecting the best penny stocks, but to do so requires you to be knowledgeable about the market and aware of some of the risks involved with penny stocks as a whole. After all, there are certain steps to be taken to come up with the most awesome penny stocks possible, and doing a little research can go a long way when it comes to selecting the best penny stocks that fit your budget, needs, and desire for a potentially substantial profit in the long run.

First and foremost, always invest within your means. Penny stocks may mean that you aren’t investing as much money as you would with higher cap stocks, but that doesn’t mean those dollars don’t add up; if penny stocks are not traded wisely, and you don’t invest within your means, you can nevertheless lose a great deal of money on the stocks if you’re not careful or if an investment goes wrong.

Penny stocks are among the most volatile stocks on the market, and can be manipulated greatly when it comes to stockbrokers and more. This is because these companies typically have no record of financial performance, and occasionally, con artists can manipulate these stocks, as well. For those reasons alone, it must be understood that penny stocks do carry a risk.

When it comes to finding awesome penny stocks though, you must first and foremost know which stocks to reject straight away. Stocks that are not traded on one of the major US exchanges are not worth your time or investment money, as well as companies that have less than $10 million in revenue each year. Additionally, any company recommended in emails by promoters are stocks to be wary of, since these promoters typically are paid to create hype so the stocks will sell well.

Finally, companies that you don’t like, or don’t understand well shouldn’t be in your portfolio; go into investing knowing how the company works, moves their money, and does business, or else you may run out of money for your next investment much more quickly than you would have otherwise thought.

For people who are interested in seriously trading penny stocks, you must understand that trading is a business, and not a hobby. For many people, this means coming to terms with profit and loss, and understanding the process. Once you determine whether or not a certain investment will make or lose you money, you must determine exactly how it can help you or not. Understanding that trading is a business to be taken seriously can help you immensely when it comes to selecting the right penny stocks.

To manage your stocks properly, come up with solid investment management software. Whether it’s eTrade or another company of their ilk, good investment software is a great investment on your end and allows you to satisfactorily manage your money while tracking stock and fund prices, storing news about pertinent companies in your sights, and analyzing trends in the market and with your specific penny stocks themselves.

For people looking for more penny stock information, it’s important to read wisely to research what are the most awesome penny stocks on the market. That means reading things about education on finance, taxation, business, markets, and investment theories, as well as more on specific industries in which you are considering investing your money.

In addition to reading, you can search for good penny stock services to subscribe to in your quest to better understand the market. These services include joining a trade advisory service, as well as other who aim to pick stocks, offer trading and portfolio management services, and other education services, too. These services may not be cheap, but they can certainly help as you try to navigate the world of penny stocks and learn the ropes when it comes to the stock market, whether or not you are a beginner in the world of finance and business.

Finally, know when to quit and sell your penny stocks. A 50% profit margin, for example, is a really good deal; don’t get greedy and wait for a higher than 50% margin when you can get out making money; if you don’t get out at a profit margin and instead get greedy, you can easily lose everything and drop back completely on what you had previously made in what is surely a volatile market.

All that being said, penny stocks are a great investment and an amazing opportunity for people just getting into the stock market. Penny stocks provide you the opportunity to get into the market without having to invest a great deal of money, and can help you learn the ins and outs of stock and business while trying to make some money from your research.

As with any other investment, there are certain risks when it comes to investing in penny stocks, but when you are smart about your work and research and take the time to learn about money management, you can see a great benefit and even a nice payday from penny stocks.

No matter what industry interests you, there are sure to be penny stocks that fit your budget, market, and research background. With companies in a variety of industries and thousands of stocks to choose from, you can come up with whatever you want and reap the profits and benefits from well researched, awesome penny stocks. Choose your investments carefully, and good luck in selecting the best investments for you and your needs, and enjoy your time with penny stocks!